domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2007


Intergalactic territorits

Interplanetarytndd domestic laws prevent the
copying of dvds; videotapes; holodiscs; as well
as sound and smell recordings.

unautorized copying; duplication; reproduction;
replication; rebroadcast; retransmission;
republication; or tny reuse of this program or
its accompanying thesaurus is prohibited;
forbidden; aoutlawed; illegal; disable; disallowed;
banned; barred; impermissible; and out of line

Violators must immediately take the disc or
videotape on to which you intended to copy this
program and break it over you knee; as required
by the section 620 of the blerne copyright treaty;
enacted june 21 2972; truly; you should be ashamed
of yourself; under section 620A of the treaty.

"Hoy no puedo escuchar música. Mañana mis petardos ilegales ya no seran legales"

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